Apple Watch on sale yet, already have Jet-lag application

Lunar CEO John Edson is a famous design company, due to the company’s extensive business, shuttling around the world each month. Often the case, when needed to a station while traveling (such as Beijing or San Francisco), Edson thought they had to adjust the time difference, time is displayed on the watch is in a break state. But when he lay down and ready to go to sleep when the hotel called intimate told him, “Sir, you need to get out of bed. ”

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This “time tangled” compared with the situation for many business people who travel frequently is common, they also fret that had never found the right way to save yourself from the moment they landed on the adjustment of the “local time” routine.

Lunar corporation ever launched on Apple’s iOS platform app Onetime world clock feature, acclaimed. However, as a class, it’s embedded in our watches are perfectly reasonable application. Taking into account the countless people waiting for a long time, the much anticipated Apple Watch upcoming Apple event went on sale in March, Lunar company had beat us to it, rolled out Apple Watch Onetime application version. Hermes iPhone 6 Plus cover

Although so far no one can buy Apple Watch, but developers also speak broken hearts have been gearing up to develop “app watch level”. Hermes iPhone 6 Plus cover

When it comes to developing Apple Watch version of the Onetime mind, Edson said, partly because Apple Watch itself, and when Apple’s smart watches as merely “rumor” has not yet been officially confirmed when the Lunar team has decided to take a gamble, with Apple’s Swift advance programming language development app. But it turns out big bet was bet on the Lunar, app has everything ready, only Apple was formally issue an order to sell the product.

Apple Watch Onetime version was tailored for smart watches. In addition to displaying the time and beyond commonplace features such as world clock, Onetime cool is that whenever a user anywhere in the world, instantly and accurately display your local time.

Specifically speaking, humans decided that time is in accordance with the principle of the Sun and water level angle, Onetime shall make full use of this principle. Onetime application in Apple Watch, circus known as the dial is divided into upper and lower half plane, we respectively represent the days and nights, and users according to their location, choose the position of the Sun at that time, app can show local time. Not only that, the Onetime also allows users to set up multiple cities, at various locations within the timing information displayed throughout the prototype.

Onetime’s convenience is also more than that. For example you are in Hong Kong, while customers are your business negotiations in San Francisco, are you planning to conduct a video conference. At Onetime, you can do this by dragging a dial on the Sun, find in different places and the two men have in common. In other words, a Onetime, you no longer need to go through two people afflicted with add and subtract the time difference to find a foreign country “about time”.


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