In addition to Motorola, there are those who play exclusive customized hardware?

According to Motorola wearable device designed Executive Dickon Isaacs interviewed reported that in March, the Motorola Moto Maker will be releasing a new version of custom service, not only allow consumers to customize their own smart phones, smart watches Moto can also customize your own 360. bumper iPhone

It is understood that customized content, including tables, strap, and start page. Table body color have three options, namely black, champagne gold and silver. Strap sizes and materials to choose from, guests are custom service also offers 11 kinds of boot page. Now Motorola has officially announced the news, so the various options for the service pricing is still undecided.

Isaacs said that once the user selects the smart watches, strap, and power on the pages of the table, Moto Maker custom service factory in Shenzhen will build a customized smart watches, then delivered to your door. If you are not satisfied with, back then to do it again. That leads to the weak Association, Chief Designer Jony Ive a while ago said in an interview, some manufacturers claimed values: any thing you want, let you select any desired colour, it amounts to giving up the responsibility as a designer.

For these “River feud”, let down, take a look at and all the hardware to play customized personal service.

Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke custom services

Last November, the Rolls Royce releasing two custom models: Phantom Edition models (Phantom Metropolitan Collection) and the ghost series II carbon fiber matte Special Edition models (Ghost SII Carbon Fibre). Phantom collector’s Edition worldwide accept only 20 sets. Matte Special Edition models of the ghost series II carbon fiber dashboard, center console and trim carbon fiber technology is used.

In fact, besides these two models, there are phantom soft-top WATERSPEED collector’s Edition model-the ghost collector’s Edition models, and phantom soft-top Kings Special Edition models, these models can be customized through Bespoke customer service teams for the user to create.

Smartphone HTCTattoo MyHTC color covers customization services

In October 2009, released HTC Tattoo Android-based smartphones, in order to meet individual needs, specifically MyHTC introduced color covers customization services, cost 121 dollars on its website users can select color covers styles provided by the official website, also spend a total of 152 Yuan himself to designing your own cell phone casings, and then wait up to 14 working days to wait for the world’s only mobile phone delivered to your door.

Customized exclusive robot Luna

Luna designed by Schultze WORKS Studio, Robo Dynamics is responsible for the development of the company. The robot is 5 feet tall, weighs 60 pounds, to autonomous mobile on the plane, as well as to activities of the metal arm. It also comes with a capacitive touch screen and HD cameras, as well as other components.

Ultra Slim Aluminium Metal Bumper Frame Case For iPhone 5/5S

Robo Dynamics said company CEO Fred Nikgohar, the simplicity of this design is to help users and developers for its personalized, as well as develop new uses for it. The company said, Luna robots is expected to begin production in November 2015, the top 100 will be shipped starting in February, early adopters for $ 1500.

Google modular phone features custom

On April 15, 2014, Google held a modular mobile phone Project Ara Developer Conference and announced the first modular smart phone goes on sale in January 2015. Not long ago, delivered the world’s first commercially available modular handset Spiral 2, which consists of 11 modules, 20-30 is coming out by the end of the module. best iPhone bumper

In addition, the devices are also equipped with a 720p screen, NVIDIA Tegra processor has two versions provided K1 and Marvell PXA1928, with more than 5 million megapixel rear camera, while supporting 3G, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. It is worth mentioning that, foreign Novena Novena launch modular notebook platform, the platform can be assembled notebooks, desktops, and even independent boards.

Reference: Wired

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