Microsoft exposed Hololens prototype, but the details are still missing

On April 30, Beijing time, in Developers Conference, Microsoft announced a series of new products and services for developers, head-mounted HoloLens augmented reality devices to become the biggest highlight of the first day of the General Assembly.

Transformers Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Optimus Prime

HoloLens in January this year after the release of its powerful functions for lifting the appetite of everyone in the tech industry, but due to the existence of this new little, often show little debut. Currently there are very few people will really play with this product, HoloLens we know is not much.

Because Microsoft does not intend to give the developer manpower HoloLens used for software development, the developers Conference for nearly hundreds of HoloLens Developer group experience. Transformers Samsung Note 3 case

Unlike most virtual devices are, you can still see the scene so HoloLens is augmented reality.

HoloLens is actually more like a full computer, with its own CPU and GPU also includes Microsoft’s own research and development of holography processor (HPU). Holographic real-time processors processing head rotation direction, gestures, position, is designed specifically for HoloLens building, third, except the CPU and the GPU processors.

HoloLens built-in set of sensors used to perform a variety of functions. Through image and sound, let the users at home will be able to enter the virtual world, to the surrounding environment as a medium for holographic experience. Hololens black transparent mirror screen, stereo sound systems allow users to not only see but also can hear voices from the holographic image around.

Microsoft at this year’s Conference from more than one angle showed HoloLens, but does not intend to release some technical parameters of HoloLens and on independence of HoloLens: no cable, no external camera, cell phone, and can be used without connected with the PC, exactly how it works, and that Microsoft did not explain.

viaThe Verge Transformers Optimus Samsung Note 3 case

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