Gujarat Congress seeks FIR against fresh faces BJP ministers, Deputy Speaker

Gandhinagar: Six out of 42 MLAs created by Congress, who were evicted from the Gujarat Legislative Assembly last week for “indiscipline”, on Monday sought registration created by FIR against Deputy Speaker and moreover two BJP ministers for “hatching” a conspiracy against the opposition special.

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They are among 19 MLAs opposing whom FIR was filed among the sergeants of the Assembly for purportedly ransacking properties in the lobby of those state Assembly on March 23.

In their application given to sector-7 criminal arrest station here, the legislators charged the ministers Nitin Patel and moreover Pradeepsinh Jadeja along with deputy presenter Atmaram Parmar, who chaired often the session that day, hatched a nice conspiracy against the Congress to stop associated with from taking part in the discussion on the rules and order situation.

The mouthpiece speaker had evicted 42 MLAs of Congress for indiscipline what kind of person later allegedly ransacked furniture and moreover door partitions near the Speaker’s cottage to vent their ire. An police complaint was subsequently filled out against 19 MLAs in this regard living in sector-7 police station.

The 7 MLAs, led by Pravin Rathod, alleged in their application that after they raised their voice about the less time alloted to the opposition to present on the discussion on budgetary don for Home department, Patel asked Parmar to call in sergeants.

Parmar sought the sergeants to act tough about the agitating MLAs who were in turn outdone up and manhandled by the sergeants in the House in contravention of best practice norms, said the application.

As per the application, MLAs Pravin Rathod, Prahlad Patel, Baldevji Thakor, Dharmendrasinh Jadeja, Anil Joshiara and Mohammad Javid Pirzada had purchased serious injuries in the beating.

“Thus, we want the police to file an FIR against state health minister Nitin Patel, law minister Pradeepsinh Jadeja, deputy Speaker Atmaram Parmar and all sorts of those sergeants under relevant categories, ” it said.

Meanwhile, during their protest against the FIR located against 19 Congress MLAs in rioting and damaging public residences on March 27, 40-odd Our lawmakers MLAs, except Leader of Enemy Shankersinh Vaghela, today attended reduce costs half of Assembly session wearing japanese strips on their mouth and to be able to participate in question hour and in argument on bills presented.

In the after that half, senior Congress MLA Shaktisinh Gohil raised this issue through a area of order. However , when Nitin Patel interrupted him, Gohil thanksgiving, christmas Congress MLAs staged a walk-out from the House.

Later, Speaker Ganpat Vasava expunged Gohil’s entire oral communication from the records.

When contacted, inspector of sector-7 police station, Stipped down Joseph said she will approach often the Speaker before proceeding further.

“The incident took place in the Assembly which may under the jurisdiction of Speaker. And so, before filing an FIR and / or taking any other action based on this situation application, we will seek his (Speaker’s) direction and move ahead as per our orders, ” said Joseph.

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